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2010 Press Releases
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2010 Press Releases

Morphine Blocks Tumor Growth (July 2010)
Wining and Dining Your Way to Better Eyesight (July 2010)
When Helper Cells Aren't Helpful (June 2010)
Self-Help - Tumors Promote Their Own Metastasis (May 2010)
Of Swine, Birds, and Men – Pandemic H1N1 Flu (April 2010)
Treating Neonatal Meningitis – Is Nitric Oxide a Foe or a Friend to Bacteria? (March 2010)
Double Trouble: Bacterial Super-infection After the Flu (February 2010)
The Cancer TRAP (January 2010)

2009 Press Releases

Factors From Common Human Bacteria May Trigger Multiple Sclerosis (December 2009)
The Bowels of Infection (November 2009)
Diabetes Weakens Your Bones (October 2009)
Bird Flu Leaves the Nest – Adapting to a New Host (September 2009)
The 'See Food' Diet (August 2009)
Tummy Troubles - Gastrin Key in Bacterial-Induced Stomach Cancer (July 2009)
TB - Hiding in Plain Sight (June 2009)
New Mediator of Smoking Recruits (May 2009)
Stopping Autoimmunity Before It Strikes (April 2009)
Lowering Your Cholesterol May Decrease Your Risk of Cancer (March 2009)
Inflammation Worsens Danger Due to Atherosclerosis (February 2009)
Potential Therapy for Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (January 2009)

2008 Press Releases

Melatonin May Save Eyesight in Inflammatory Disease (December 2008)
Stress May Make You Itch (November 2008)

2007 Press Releases

Influenza: Insights into Cell Specificity of Human vs. Avian Viruses (October 2007)
Can the Tonsils Influence Oral HIV Transmission? (August 2007)
Can You Hear Me Now? Stem Cells Enhance Hearing Recovery (July 2007)
Finding Protection from Tumor Growth in Unexpected Places (June 2007)
Breast Cancer Milieu: Progression, Tamoxifen Sensitivity, and DNA Reversion (May 2007)
Estrogen Protects Liver after Traumatic Injury (April 2007)
Treating Male Infertility with Stem Cells (March 2007)
New Culture Method for Hepatitis C Virus Uses Primary Hepatocytes and Patient Serum (February 2007)
A New Jump Start for Aging Blood Vessels (January 2007)

2006 Press Releases

Human Testis Harbors HIV-1 in Resident Immune Cells (December 2006)
Saving salivary glands from the collateral damage of radiation therapy (November 2006)
A tumor suppressor that promotes cancer cell growth? (October 2006)
When Preventing Pre-Eclampsia, a Little Carbon Monoxide Goes a Long Way (September 2006)
Slowing Alzheimer's Disease by Keeping Mind and Body Active (August 2006)
HO-1 in Sickle Cell Disease: Friend or Foe? (July 2006)
Preventing Spinal Cord Injury during Aortic Surgery (May 2006)
Gains in the Fight Against Acid Aspiration Lung Injury (April 2006)
Can Senile Amyloidosis Spread from Mother to Offspring? (March 2006)
Post-pregnancy Events Promote Breast Tumor Metastasis (February 2006)
Avian Influenza Virus (H5N1) in Mammals Spreads Beyond the Site of Infection (January 2006)

2005 Press Releases

Hepatitis C Complicated by Morphine Withdrawal (November 2005)
Liver CRP production linked to atherosclerosis (October 2005)
Antibiotics May Not Be Enough to Prevent Recurrent Gastric Lymphoma Caused by Helicobacter pylori (September 2005)
Impaired Clearance of Amyloid-b Causes Vascular Damage in Alzheimer's Disease (August 2005)
Arthritis: What Went Wrong? (July 2005)
Protein Prevents Detrimental Immune Effects of Bacterial Sepsis (June 2005)
New Method Holds Promise in Identifying Markers of Non-Metastatic Versus Highly Metastatic Breast Cancer (May 2005)
Study of Genomic DNA Leads to New Advances in Cancer Diagnostics (April 2005)